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Do it Yourself Home Security – High Tech Style

There are plenty of methods for you to strengthen your house security to really make it much more of a “hardened” target. You are able to hire security pads, set up electrified fences, employ a security company and install various video security cameras. The quantity of security you could have is just restricted to how much money you need to spend.

The fundamentals of security alarm have the freedom or at little cost apart from a while invested.

1.Lock Doorways and Home windows-60 percent of home burglaries are through open doorways and home windows. Security alarm 101.

2.Make Use Of Your Peep Hole-home invasions more often than not happen through someone just opening a door. For jeeze sakes see who it’s first.

3.Remove Hiding Places-timber in which the criminals can hide.

4.Neighborhood Watch-the local sheriff’s department might help arrange it which is FREE. It really works too.

Then the next thing is to set up some simple security alarm devices. Door and window alarms spring to mind and possibly some motion activated spotlights. The seem of the barking dog is among the best well established deterrents for burglars.

The next thing is a lot more hi-tech and a bit more pricey but the very best. Install some surveillance video security cameras.

There’s a USB DVR system which has 4 cameras you can use inside or outdoors with wired or wireless cameras. You can easily use, simple to install and it is under $500.00. Or try an out door IP camera that hooks directly into your pc costing you less on hardware. Both of them are networkable making the pictures viewable everywhere there’s a web connection.

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