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Get These Five Basic Essentials for Your New Phone

Just got a new phone?  Time for some of the other things that matter! In this post, we have a must-do list for new phone buyers. If you want your smartphone to do better, don’t miss any of these.

Look for screen protectors

Phone screens are phone to regular damages, especially when placed in the handbag or pocket. Before you start using the device, make sure to a screen protector. There are two kinds of options available in the market. The first one is a normal plastic cover, which is decent for protection against scratches but doesn’t do anything beyond that. The next and probably the best option is a tempered glass protector, which will protect the device against accidental drops and screen presses. However, do check online to find the right kind tempered glass protector, given that some aren’t good enough. If you need an s7 edge screen protector, make sure to check for the curved ones.

Get a phone cover

Phone covers are great for protecting the phone against drops and accidental pressure. Again, there are a wide range of designer and funky options, but choose one that’s easy on pocket and offers adequate protection on the pocket. You can also choose to buy one colored options and design these into any style as required, just like a craft project. Don’t overlook the need for a phone cover, given that the extent of damage can be much more than you think, even with a simple drop.

Find the right apps

Manufacturers often sell phones with what is known as ‘bloat apps’. These apps might not be needed in the first place. Make sure to take some time in evaluating the apps you need. Keep an eye on the memory and RAM of the device, so that you can avoid unwanted apps that may hamper the performance of the phone. Get your phone sorted in a few hours, and you will thank us later!

Don’t miss the updates

Devices are often sold a much later date after packing, and therefore, some of the updates may be missing. After you get the device, check the settings section to find any new updates. Updating your gadget is important for performance and reducing bugs. The updates depend on the model and manufacturer, but you can expect to get quick updates for the stock versions of OS.

Need for extra protection

If you have an expensive device, you might want to get extended warranty. Some sellers may not offer this option, so gadget secure with third parties is the next best choice. Don’t miss on the inclusions of such extra security options. It is a wise idea to get security against accidental damages and theft, even though this may mean paying a few extra dollars. Check online to find the services that offer gadget secure, and take your time to read the terms and conditions. You don’t want to deal with unwanted paperwork after losing the device.

Once these things are done, you are set to enjoy your new phone! Start right away!

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