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The Best Free Collage App to Polish Your Precious Memories

iPiccy’s Collage – For Times When One Picture Can’t Express All the Memories

What if someone told you that all of your precious memories are easily lost? Something as simple as the loss of your iPhone can lead to tremendous, colossal issues. What will you do without all of those pictures and videos of your family’s picnic, your sister’s wedding or your own birthday party that rocked the world in 2014 and the Earth still feels shivers?

Collage App1

Apparently, you will be upset, to say the least. You can, however, prevent the situation from happening via smart use of cloud storages and your own social media accounts. Your Facebook pics will always be safe and sound on Mark Zuckerberg’s servers and, additionally, they will earn you a couple hundred likes. Now that’s what one calls a pleasant bonus!

But there are so many…

Yes, you do have lots and more of photos that represent your mood, the surroundings and much more. Such photos are amazing as standalone visuals but together they tell a story. Your story! That’s why it’s preferable to sort many of them out into groups. Then and only then will you be able to create a perfect collage. By the way, check iPiccy out for assistance: http://ipiccy.com/feature/picnik-photo-editor-collage

Why Collage?

Now that we think about it, are collages truly superior to standalone photos?  Nope, they aren’t, but they are definitely better in certain cases. Just think about the following:

  • If it’s difficult to pick the best image – why not use all? If all of the visuals have a particular connection will establish a single theme, a timeline, a story.
  • You will save a few bucks on printing and framing.
  • You may have done series of things in one party, say it was on the beach and you played volleyball and had an amazing diving experience. Why separate those?
  • Collages can visualize the progress. Say if you have photos of your kid at the age of two, five and seven – imagine the impact all three would have in one frame! Additionally, that would be an amazing present for loving grandparents.
  • And, lastly, you are not forced to make a choice between amazing photos. You are free to use all of them!

Collage App

Collages with iPiccy

All of you have probably heard about the amazing Picnic app. Sadly, it was closed some time ago. Luckily, it has a successor – iPiccy. The alternative app is as good if not better.

You will possess immense editing power stacked up in a simple and intuitive interface of a handy web app. This means you will have unlimited access to the editor from any device that has a browser. Neat, huh?

You will be empowered to edit every photo separately with features that add extra layers, shades, visuals, effects or stickers. You will be able to crop, fix and retouch photos and collages. And all of that comes in a great package – the app is free and doesn’t require registration. What else could you dream of?

Collages are an astonishing mean for delivering the emotional atmosphere that was dominating in a certain event. Collages look fantastic and now they are easily made.


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